About Zodiac


Medium figure, long neck, face - forehead and eye are big, chin narrow, hair eyebrow in the same way, nature is impatient, imbalance, sharp, adventurous, irascible, cruel, ambitious, self confident, optimistic, boasting, like to walk around, these point are present in Aries person.Aries lucky colour is red, good lucky year 22, 28 good lucky numbers is 9, and auspicious no's are 1 and 2.


Medium figure, attractive, round face, broad forehead, neck shoulder, sparkling eyes, black hair, like to eat, big lips. In same way nature is salient, slow working, long revenger, long vision in work, dedicated nature; neatness in work; eatable; more greedy; stay always happy; humble nature like and choosy in jewelry and vehicle, like to love children, lucky year 16, 25, 26, 32, 36 etc. lucky colour is silver, good lucky nos. is 6 and auspicious number is 8.


Narrow face at chin, short leg, thin body, long body, salt nose, happy face, careless, like to joke, naughty, like to imitate, knowledgeable, sharp minded, fickle, like to travel, good reader,strong recollection, but not take any responsibility or try to escape for taking responsibility. Your good lucky year are 32, 36, 25, 26. Your auspicious colour is 'Green' and your good luck number is 5 and your auspicious number is 6.


Reddish hair, little big lips and white teeth, strong body but tender-hearted, very economic, tenacity and cool nature, well mannered, like to live alone, loveable, taciturn, having different hobbies, like to live in house and family. Power full imagination power, artistic side,deep thinker but can lost the chase by deep thinking for ling time. Taking decision after situation is oven, like political carrier like garden, gardening and watery spots. Your auspicious colour is 'white' and 'red' your good luck years are 22, 24, 26, 28 and good luck number is 2 and auspicious numbers are 1 and 9.


Your body tight, strong and impressive, heighted personality with blackish colour, big voice, face broad forehead, chest, shoulder good, leadership quality, so can try to rule in friends and people, less talkative but showy nature on cloth, house, fearless, fond of praise and game. ambitious, your good luck colour is 'red' and your auspicious colour is 'white' 22, 24, 26, 28 are the good luck years and good luck number is 1 and auspicious numbers are 2 and 9.


Tall, healthy, rough hair and eyebrow, thin voice, sharp nose, bending neck while talking, talking lazy,shy, cowardly, self interested, critic, inquisitive, honest, economic, business minded, strong in adverse situation and make it successful, telling self-misery, but don't have sympathy for others, occasionally well dressed, less personal emotions. Your lucky colour is 'Green'. Good luck year are 25, 32, 36 and luck numbers is 9 and auspicious numbers 3.


Tall, round, beautiful face, long hair, long hand and neck, moving neck around while talking to attract people, laughing - face, thin voice, always happy, having many friends, emotional, show-off by nature, lavish of expenditure, intelligent, sharp minded, egoistic, fickle, humble, quiet, virtuous disposition. Interest in art, your lucky colour is white and Green, luck year is 9, 25, 32, lucky numbers is 6, auspicious numbers is 5 and 8.


Healthy, well maintain body structure, short hand and leg, wide face, short or curly hair,attractive personality, big chest, big eyes and nose, short-tempered. Murderous adventurous, sacrifice, sharp teller, loose hearer, cruel eye, sharp, alcoholic, good imagination power, can start the thing late but do the end successfully. Your lucky colour is white, lucky year is 28, 32, 22, 26, lucky numbers is 9 and auspicious numbers are 1 and 2.


Well maintain muscular body, big chin and face and neck, short hair, big nose and lower body, broad eyebrow, bright eyes, pale colour or gray colour, well-manned,adventures, good nature, fearless, fighter, happy living, can overcome from problems, talkative natured, suddenly become angry, like to play or club, self-confident, liberal for outsiders but cruel for family, less interested in relatives, attracted to ladies, can spend money for self-expenditure, your lucky colour yellow, red and white, your good lucky year are 16, 20, 24, 32, 28, your lucky numbers is 3, 8, auspicious numbers are 1 and 2.


Medium structured body, medium height, big nose, long chin, broad chest, rough eyebrow and hair, hairy body, low and high voice tone, thin under west looking, elderly in young age. Strong self confidence. Very ambitious, can done long business, money-saver, sometime behave practically, interest in politics,like to live alone, can express love and emotion. Greedy whimsical, always in depression, your good lucky colour is black and green, your lucky year are 25, 26, 30 and your lucky numbers is 8 and auspicious numbers is 5 and 6.


Heighted and strong body,round face attractive, bad teeth, brownish hair, very self confident, having pleasures of life, cool-thing, well-manned, good humorous, stable nature, intelligent, very passionable for study, good memory, like to collect thing, live to give knowledge to others, can speak freely, can do donation, sometime may be weak, feeling cold sometime, your good lucky colour is black and green, your lucky year are 25, 26, 30 and your lucky numbers is 8 and your auspicious numbers are 5 and 6.


Short or medium heighted, lovely hand and legs, short and broad shoulder, round big and outward eyes, hair long soft, due to illness tender, loving, without self confidence, good thinker, honest, can adopt magical-skill, like to travel,fear to get cheated by other in work, business, no worry for self ambitious for others money, fear for ladies, need someone for any work, do less work, big friend circle, lazy nature, different different nature, can change according to situation, mostly affected by cold. Intestine problem or mental problem may occur in life. Your good lucky colour is yellow, red and white. Your lucky year are 16, 20, 24, 32, 28, your lucky numbers is 3 and auspicious numbers are 1 and 2.