Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra :

While examining the house, plot, flat/factory; he guide the people where to build kitchen, bedroom, toilet etc.

Where to keep medicine in House so that they will become more effective.

The slop/house tilt; will it effective or not? Which side tilt gives which effect on house? Good-Bad energy of house; how to increase good energy? how to get the full effects of good energy for prosper of our life.

In factory or at the place of Business : Where should be clarical office? where should be Boiler? Where should be electricity? Where & How should be main production area? Sitting place of main 'Boss'? So that anyone can get more positive energy & profit from his business.

Which trees should plant in the premises of factory office site is written in, ancient "Vrusha Ayurved Granth'; so that we can get more benefit from that land. Mr. Satish Joshi can give this guidance also.

For House, before purchasing a land; he can examine the land on site by the size of plot; slop; trees between the plot; smell of land etc. will check & see whether that plot is suitable or not. If we take it; will it affect badly or good to the owner of the house.

These examination will be done by astrologer Mr. Satish Joshi.

Where to put the stones under the column of House in Problematic Land (Ekashipad Vastu Purush Mandalat Swastik & Upto that which stone where should be kept)

1) In center padmarag - Ruby/star ruby/Sunstone

2) In East Vajra - Diamond/Crystal

3) In South East Vidrup - Red Coral

4) In South Nilam - Blue Sapphire

5) In South West Pushprag - Topaz/Yellow sapphire

6) In West Markat - Green Emerald

7) In North West Gomed - Zircon

8) In North Moti - Pearl

9) In North East - Crystal / Lapis Lazuli