Puja Vidhi

For worship of God :

In that he do marriages, Vastu-Shanti, Munj, Navchandi, Shatchandi, Appamarjan Shanti, Navgrah Shanti, Ravi Shanti, Mangal, Moon, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketu, Kalsarpa, Janmanakshatra shanti, Abhishek Shradhkarm, Adhbhut Shanti, pitrushanti, Satyanarayan, Shanti Path, Kalratrividhan etc. All types of Poojas.

Worship mean praising God or family deity with praise hymn after bathing with full concentration and pure mind and heart. If you sit on woolen blanket or coarse blanket a five time of morning and do it everyday. Gem wearing should be done on particular day, particular time given by astrologer. This should be wear to get strength from that planet.

A Tree-sacred to lord Shiva and it's fruit called "Rudraksh". Holy water dropped by Lord Shiva's eyes and turn in to the tree called "Rudraksh" it fruit is imitation of Lord Shiva. In Hindu mythology there are many types of "Rudraksh" used for different-different purpose.

The person who is wearing or going to wear the "Rudraksh" should not eat non-vegetarian food, alcohol and should not do sex with another ladies than wife.

Worship & Places :

Worship is done to make inauspicious planet calm and quite planet.

In a some manner for any type of fault or disorder in life, curse and if there is any type of problem in horoscope the astrologer can make the worship with the affected person to make the situation calm and quiet and to fulfill our desire. One should do the worship and peace on the (special) given particular time.