Types of Consultancy

  Marriage Consultancy

In that we do, match making, Late marriage, Love Marriage, Divorce, Re-marriage, problem and solution on breaking of marriage about partner, (How will be partner His/her nature age-hight, family-city, district, face, colour, education, Job in come physical fitness etc.) any type of marriage problem,Guidence with palmestry (palm-reading) Horoscope and for each & every solution(meet).

  About "Marriage - Counseling"

We can know about the bride groom or bride's, colour, hight, Nation, Direction or city; physic; difference between ages, education; etc. from Horoscope or palmastry. (Can't tell the specially Name or Name of city or this can be used as Guidance- to search to Proper bride or bridegroom before marriage ) In which age your marriage will take place we can tell, u, with the help of Horoscope. For late Marriage Why Marriage is posponded or which planet or God if Disturbing in marriage process; then we give solutions on that.

  About "Gun-Millan"

1)Varna, Vaishya, tara, yont, Graha-maitri, Gan, Bhrukuti, Nadi, Match making of all these things are called, "Gun-milan" & that depend on moon's position at the time of Birth.

2)Maritial life after Marriage, about child, about life, understanding between both will be possible or Not Can be check before marriage with the help of Horoscope.

3)If "Mangal" is there, them what will be solution for that, or Can both (bride & groom) Balance the "Mangal" or not can be seen before marriage.

4)Does not bride & groom are affected by spiritual or evil can be seen before marriage.

5)Lagnesh, Panchmesh, Saptamesh, Bhagyesh, Labhesh should be friends.

  Business Consulting

Loss in Business, New Business, Business - partnership etc.

  Job- Consulting

Type of Job, place, position, etc.

  Education Consulting

Education field,How to study, etc.

  Rise of Prosperity

Lucky time, Laxmiyog, Pitrushap, matrushap, sarpashap, pretshap about health guidence ,For Hypnotism, possession by evil spirit, A magic spell,Lautary For family clashes,court matters etc.

  Vastu Consultancy

For house, plot, Flat, office, shop, factory scientific examination & solution by site visit.
For "Vastu - parikshan"
Lucky or not profitable or not, will it for the prosper the person or not? will it possession by evil spirit? etc.
For "Vastu - Rachana"
How to Construct factory house,For New Construction by land examination, How, where to Built Coloum,For problems & Solution of land, Construction, etc. Specialist in vastuyantra & Ratna foundation.